My name is Cyril Crassin, and I am a research scientist at NVIDIA Research. Prior to joining NVIDIA, I was a PhD student in France in the ARTIS team of INRIA, under the supervision of Fabrice Neyret, working on very large and detailed voxel scenes rendering on the GPU for video game applications.

I obtained my Ph.D. degree from Grenoble University at INRIA in July 2011. My thesis can be found here.  I developed the GigaVoxels pipeline that proposed the use of pre-filtered voxel representations to efficiently render very large and detailed scenes as well as complex objects. During this thesis, I also did 2 summer internships at NVIDIA and I was also research visitor at Weta Digital.

My research interests include realistic rendering, voxel-based representations, real-time ray-tracing and out-of-core data management, sparse voxel octree, GPU algorithm and complex GPU data structures.


My resume