siggraph09posterI come back from one week of vacation in Louisiana I took right after Siggraph. My Siggraph talk about GigaVoxels went very well I guess, I get interesting feedbacks and discussions right after the talk and it seems people were very interested. It was the first time I told about our CUDA implementation and the new cache mechanism fully implemented on GPU. It’s based on scattered visibility informations, stream compaction and a LRU mechanism implemented entirely in GPU memory and managed in a data-parallel manner from CUDA kernels. This way, the CPU only role is to¬† answer the GPU cache by uploading bricks and constant area information.

I also demonstrated the cone tracing approach using our continuous 3D MipMapping to implement very efficient Soft Shadows and Depth-Of-Field. and I shown examples of scene instancing using a BVH structure ray-traced on GPU. I think this was the most interesting parts for those who already known the technique.

For those who are interested and have not been able to attend, I have put my slides there: