opengl_logoDue to the lack of update of the Cg toolkits for G80 I have had to work with GLSL for a couple of months now. One of the main problem I had with GLSL was the lack of control on the compilation process (the parameters usually passed to the Cg compiler). Happily I have found a series of pragma command the NVidia GLSL compiler (and only the NVidia one) can interpret and use as compilation options. I think somebodies can be interested in it so here are the commands (thanks to Gernot Ziegler for the information) :

#pragma optionNV(fastmath on)
#pragma optionNV(fastprecision on)
#pragma optionNV(ifcvt none)
#pragma optionNV(inline all)
#pragma optionNV(strict on)
#pragma optionNV(unroll all)

There are also some environment variables that can be defined (options typically controlled globally with NVEmulate):